How do you tell your family?

I love my family, but sometimes they don’t agree with living outside the box.

As you read in my last post, I plan on buying an older camper to fix up and live in. I talked with my dad and I’m 99% sure he thinks I’m joking, but he will always support me in my adventures. My mom, on the other hand, does not know my plans. She can be incredibly negative if it’s not the “American dream”. So, I’m asking y’all, how did your family react to your decision to live outside the box? I think I’ll tell my mom my plans once I have purchased the camper… 🙊


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Hello world!


I am TK, I have always kept a physical journal but I’ve decided to move onto the big Internet! I am 24 and I have had this sinking feeling of unhappiness in my life, until recently. I’ve really thought hard about what I want to do and the traditional options bore me to tears. I have no career that I love, no kids and no significant other. With that being said, I have decided I am going to buy an old camper trailer, move into it full time and travel the US. This will be a very different lifestyle for me as I grew up in a traditional American family. I am hell bent on doing this and nothing will stop me. This blog will document all the preparation of and eventually my on the road travels. There is lots to be done, as of last week this was just an idea, but now I’m running with it!